• Allergies & Alcohol
    Ah yes- the elusive question that literally no one ever seems to have answers to because 99% of allergy-related-content out there on the world wide web is aimed at 5 year olds and/or the parents of 5 year olds. Back when I was first starting to drink, I relied on a typed out blog post someone had made of most common alcohol brands and if they contained nuts or not (the post has long-since been taken down). I’m hoping this post might help someone elseContinue reading “Allergies & Alcohol”
  • Cooking in an Unfamiliar Kitchen
    Hello hello! Today’s blog post is a guide to the daunting: how to (safely) cook in an unfamiliar kitchen. (As a disclaimer, I’m not a doctor or an allergist I’m just a girl with allergies who tries to not have my day ruined). I’m going to try to keep it as simple as possible and summarize it in the following sections: Protocols, Preparation, and Cooking I’d also like to start off by acknowledging that everyone’s comfort levels are different, there are different severities to allergens,Continue reading “Cooking in an Unfamiliar Kitchen”
  • How to Build the Perfect Salad
    Pre-allergies, I found salads boring. They tended to just be iceberg lettuce with a few shredded carrots and grape tomatoes thrown in (and then smothered with ranch dressing to make them remotely bearable). When bread options went out the door (because of the allergy ordeal), I found myself reliant on salads and grain bowls… and NEEDED to find a way to make them more than just rabbit food. I wanted them to be fun and tasty, instead of being the horrible, horrible lie being forcedContinue reading “How to Build the Perfect Salad”
  • Dating with Allergies (Pt. 2)
    Nick (my boyfriend) and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday! A large part of our relationship has been cooking together, so we celebrated with a fancy steak, maple-crusted broccoli and cauliflower, stir-fried pineapple and mushrooms, white rice, and a banana-chocolate sorbet with raspberries and melted chocolate. In celebration of this milestone, I figured we’d do another installment on the topic of “dating with allergies” as a Q&A with Nick. Our last installment of “dating with food allergies” was more of an overall guide: thisContinue reading “Dating with Allergies (Pt. 2)”
  • Sisyphus & Allergies
    Last year I read The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. I don’t remember much about the first half of the essay (other than rolling my eyes at how wordy Camus was), but I do often think back to the myth & Camus’s interpretation. The story of Sisyphus comes from greek mythology: Sisyphus cheats death (twice) and is punished to a fate of rolling a boulder up a hill for eternity. As soon as he reaches the top, the boulder rolls back down and SisyphusContinue reading “Sisyphus & Allergies”
  • Why I hate the term “Allergy Friendly”
    I hate the term “allergy friendly” *. I say this as someone who has used it, and as someone who has been impacted by it. *This post specifically refers to “allergy-friendly” labeling on food products. The meaning behind a restaurant that says they are “allergy-friendly” is much more clear. Long story short: nothing is truly “allergy friendly”. Allergies are different, and impact the people that have them differently. What is safe for one person may not be safe for another (not even if they areContinue reading “Why I hate the term “Allergy Friendly””
  • Dating with Allergies
    Dating with food (and other) allergies is probably the most challenging part of being a mid-20s-year-old. I am sure that other mid-20s people would agree that dating is challenging, but the added food anxiety, saliva anxiety, and reaction anxiety that comes with dating make the tightrope *that* much higher. Combined with the fact that most of the resources about allergies (food allergies in particular) are made for 5-year-olds, things get hard. There are many “lessons learned” about dating with allergies that I’d like to share,Continue reading “Dating with Allergies”
  • Welcome to Sam Safe Eats
    Hi everyone! My name is Sam. I am 25 years old, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and cooking is a huge part of my life. It wasn’t always, though. I was first diagnosed with a peanut and tree nut allergy when I was 15. At the age of 22 (after a few new reactions), I got re-tested and also showed skin test positives for shellfish and peas. In December of 2020, I started having a lot of throat-feels-like-it-is-closing, hives, difficulty swallowing, and stomach problem reactions toContinue reading “Welcome to Sam Safe Eats”

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