Pan-Seared Pineapple

I think everyone that has tried pineapple has experienced the sting of the fruit eating you back. Thanks to the fruit’s high acidity and bromelain, pineapple’s biting feeling means that it’s great flavor gets overlooked.

Let’s get down to the truth of it: I was never (and will never be) a fan of pineapple on pizza. I also, until now, was absolutely repulsed by the idea of warm pineapple.

I have, on occasion, had tasty grilled pineapple, the memory of which led to this pan-fried goodness. I’d initially thrown pan-seared pineapple in with some onion to create a nightshade-free “salsa” replacement (I’ll get around to posting that one eventually, I promise), but I’ve now started throwing this pan-seared pineapple into all sorts of rice bowls and dishes.

It’s just…absolutely incredible.

Pan-Seared PIneapple

Pan-seared pineapple goodness perfect for any rice bowl, or as a great side with pork, steak, chicken, or fish!


  • Frying Pan


  • Pineapple Chunks
  • High-Temp Cooking Oil I prefer canola or a high-temp olive oil
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper (if desired)


  • Heat a pan with cooking oil to high heat
  • While the pan is heating, cut the pineapple into small chunks – about 1" x 1" max, but any skinnier variation will work as well
  • Once pan is very hot, add pineapple to pan all at once
  • Let the pineapple sear in the pan, flip after starting to brown (about one minute) and add seasonings as desired (salt greatly recommended! Pepper and other spices are up to you).
  • Once seared on both sides, remove and enjoy!


Can be cooked at the same time as other ingredients if making a stir fry (as shown in the recipe picture). Some of my favorite combos include mushrooms and onions, which both should be started slightly before adding the pineapple into the pan. 
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